Carbonate [currently down] creates interactive organic chemistry practice problems, both simple one-step quizzes or complicated multi-step synthesis problems. It is intended as a tool to help organic chemistry students study.

The website uses the Django web framework to connect a drag-and-drop frontend UI with a Python backend that extensively represents the logic for chemical reactions. It’s capable of parsing molecules and applying reactions from Unit 1 and Unit 2 of MIT 5.12 (Organic Chemistry I). It uses the OpenBabel chemistry library to render molecules, and can interconvert between its molecule format (Python objects) and SMILES strings.

Built in collaboration with Felix Sun. Received the “MIT Utility Award” in 6.470, MIT’s web programming competition. [currently down] currently runs Carbonate 1.0; Carbonate 2.0 has not yet been deployed.

See the code on GitHub.